Colour Testing

My Zentangle needed a mental overhaul!

I began the hooking thinking of the separate sections, with no view to the whole piece. As a result while I liked the individual parts, the piece as a whole was ugly. When I think about it, it’s much the same process I went through when hooking Signa Mia Vita. Both times I had chosen too many colours for the pattern. (and my monochromatic taste)

SOoooooo….with a view to balance in the placement ….I did lots of pulling out.

This….DSCF7229became this….DSCF7333

…and there were two other areas as well, but I don’t have photos….I had the red/pink in a couple of areas, and it was all  removed.  My original idea of having it “go with” the hall rugs has been scrapped. These colours are in those rugs but that’s the only similarity…..and….I’m a happier hooker.DSCF7331

This loopy tangle is quite muted and quiet.DSCF7332

…while the blue triangles really pop with the lime green edging and black bckground. DSCF7334

It feels much more cohesive now, and I’m once again happy to hook on it. ….and that’s good…since the Brier Curling started yesterday, and I’ve got a week planned cheering on the amazing shots of Canada’s best men’s teams, while snuggled up with my hooking.

4 thoughts on “Colour Testing

  1. I am mindful of the same thing as I work on mine. Luckily, there is one very colourful tangle that runs across the whole thing. But as I said in my post, there is quite a difference in the black and white and the colour versions. I think yours is looking fantastic. Enjoy the curling. xo

  2. Elizabeth, Today I went to a talk on the book The Lady in Gold. I was so excited to show the speaker your Adele rug which blew her away. Glad I followed your blog on hooking Adele so I could share today.


    • That’s so neat Sondra. Thanks so much for sharing with me. I’ve just heard about the upcoming movie and even looked up the trailer today. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I didn’t realize it was based on a book (although I was aware of the story of Adele’s niece and her fight to get the painting back.)

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