Searching for Balance

Every piece I hook presents new learning experiences. I think that’s why I love hooking… this very simple art form there is always so much more to learn.

The challenge for my zentangle is how to make a cohesive picture out of six totally unrelated designs. I took the first steps in reducing the colours. Next was to balance their placement.DSCF7334

I felt happy with the yellows at the top and bottom, and the muted dip dye background around the top centre padula. I removed the yellow from the bottom right segment, and planned on blue padulas with some sort of contrast colour in the echoes…..perhaps the very dark blue.DSCF7340

Then a new consideration hit me. I liked the look of it but the vibrant colours totally would overpower the muted section on the opposite side, and unbalance the whole piece. Now what?

Out went the dark blue idea, and I decided to try the sand beige and blue green from the muted section to tone it down and tie the two sections together.DSCF7341DSCF7343

The light blue is still  too bright, but for now I’ll carry on and make a final decision later.

(I know Cynthia…I’m overthinking again….but I’m having fun in the process)

4 thoughts on “Searching for Balance

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Your piece is looking fabulous and I know that it is quite an interesting journey to hook one of these. I have decided that any Zentangle is going to present the same challenge, unless you stick to one pallette throughout. My other thought is that you could hook most of the tangles in black and white and let one be the star – another thing to explore. In the evolution of mine, I decided the easiest way to tie everything together was to do a single row border that has all the colours in it. That way, if a colour combo doesn’t appear in one of the motifs, it can be pulled to the other side to at least carry it across. I will post another progress shot on my blog to show you what i mean.

    • So much fun that we’re travelling the same journey Wendie (and reassuring that I’m not alone in the challenges of zentangle) I love your ideas for dealing with it…especially the black and white with one being the star). I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

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