Hooking Mug Rugs

I remember seeing and loving some mugs with matching mug rugs hooked by various members of a group, and displayed one year at the annual. I’ve searched through all my photos, and I either didn’t take pictures of them, or they didn’t turn out.

That’s a long winded way to introduce my next little project…..making mug rugs for three relatives whose combined birthdays I’ll be attending at the end of the month.

My first chore was to find suitable mugs with decorations that I could use as the basis of the hooking. Two are men, so that cut out all the flowery feminine mugs . I spent a long time browsing in our local Hallmark Store and came up with these three. DSCF7776

They’re so nicely packed, I’ve just shown the boxes…which show what is on each mug.

I started with the easiest one…..(not pressed yet so it’s still a bit wonky)


I made  a failed attempt at hooking the plaid for the moose mug. I took it out and thanks to a photo I found of hooking a plaid, I’m ready to try again. DSCF7781

I know Luise Bishop has taught how to hook a plaid, and when I get it down, I’ll share it here. (I think it involves graph paper, and hooking both horizontally and vertically)

I haven’t started the third one yet.

DSCF7780Although it will need a teeny tiny cut, I don’t anticipate a problem. I think I’ll try doing the berries with a knot (a la proddy flowers).

I’ve been remiss in posting lately. I didn’t forget my camera at R.U.G…. I FORGOT TO GO!

Actually I’ve been enjoying a visit from my son and his girlfriend from Calgary, a lovely family Thanksgiving, and  spectacular fall weather.DSCF7736My son’s girlfriend is a glass artist, and gave me these six wonderful hand blown tumblers.DSCF7740

Each is unique and I treasure them all.

Well I also have to admit that another distraction has been a lot of nail biting and cheering while watching the Blue Jays!

….and with views like this at the end of the street, it’s hard to concentrate on hooking.

DSCF7765DSCF7764Those trees will soon be bare, and then I’ll  snuggle down with my hooking frame in earnest to enjoy snow flakes and winter.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Hooking Mug Rugs

  1. Your mug mats are goi g to be the perfect gift!!! Great idea,,,, the fall leaves are lovely in ur pic,,,,,, hopei it does not snow too early!!! Happy hooking,,,,,

  2. Hi, ElizabethCute mugs and the idea of mats is a winner. Can’t your plaid be hooked with no complications since it is in nice blocks. Once you have it graphed or drawn for size, it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe I’m too simplistic. Love Melanie’s glass tumblers. What a treasure!  

  3. All lovely Eliabeth, they are going to love them. Love the gorgeous autumn colours as well. Thanks as always for sharing. X

  4. The first mug rugs I saw were at an Oshawa hook in a few years ago. Georgetown did the same thing last Christmas as trade. Some photos were in an OHCG newsletter. They are fun to do and also to receive. Much better than the usual small size coaster. Hope yours turn out well. Cute designs. Vivien

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