20th Women’s Day Art Show

This past weekend was a busy one in our little city. With temperatures hovering in the minus 20’s, We hardy Central Ontarians enjoyed activities of both a sporting and artistic nature.

On an outdoor theme, our winter carnival featured (among many other activities), ice bowling on the lake, a huge snow slide down the hill on the main street, and a polar dip in the  frigid waters of Lake Couchiching.CbM0gtkW4AAMszH

Meanwhile the Arts community was treated to three openings. At OMAH (the Orillia Museum of Art and History) the very popular Women’s Day Art Show opened, as well, an exhibit called HERself   featuring various women of Orillia who have been exemplary in their community contributions,  and across the street at the Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery and Studio,  The Singing Heart Studio opened  a Fibre Art Show entitled “Mentors and Students” featuring hooked rug creations  by several well known local hooking artists as well as several new to the art form.

This was the 20th annual Women’s Day Art Show, and this year the theme reverted to the same one used the first time it was held “Women’s stories”. 140 artists from our area have  displayed their art encompassing a wide range of media.

DSCN0336The crowd was large….and taking unimpeded photos was difficult. I’ll be back when it’s not so busy, but I did manage to get pictures of most of the fibre art examples.

Five of the Sunshine Rug Hookers have a piece on display.DSCN0361

This is Mary’s delightful and fanciful “Garden Story”.

DSCN0339Cheri’s free standing hooked piece entitled “Becoming My Mother” , created by crocheting as a base, and then hooking into the crocheting. (I waited in vain for the lady in the black coat to move so that I could get a better shot)


Gail’s wonderful and imaginative creation uses a wide variety of fibres and unexpected shapes. I did read the story, but I plead over stimulation in that the details have completely left my brain.

Cynthia’s  work is about three feet tall….lightly stuffed…and completely endearing.


It is her grandmother, who was born in Newfoundland and died in 1938 when Cynthia’s mother was only 13. She is holding a photo which helped reveal a side of her that her daughter (Cynthia’s mother) had never seen following the tribulations of the Great Depression. This photo became very precious to both daughter and granddaughter and is now a treasured part of the family history.DSCN0333My “Sigma Meus Vita” is familiar to readers of this blog, but is making its first public appearance. …..intertwined symbols from around the world which are significant in my life.DSCN0335

My friend Sandi even managed to take a picture which I could use as a profile picture on Facebook. (I’m wearing my Cheri Hempseed necklace of my sister and myself…a treasured keepsake).

Other fibre art examples include…this arresting panel depicting where the artist has lived:

DSCN0352In Saskatchewan (represented by the wheat fields)DSCN0353Alberta….and its spectacular mountains…DSCN0354Amidst the icy splendour of The North west Territories….DSCN0355

….the vivid colours of Australia’s sky…(sorry about the shadow of my head)DSCN0356

and finally the beautiful water and rocks of OntarioDSCN0358

Each artwork is accompanied by some sort of comment or explanation  written by the artist.

Some meanings are self evident….DSCN0351DSCN0360Some are explained by the artist….as this on the role of motherhood…DSCN0359….or this self portrait in wire and metal…


….while others remain an enigma….DSCN0349….which even after reading the story, my simple brain does not really comprehend, although I can fully appreciate the artistry.

I’ll be back to the museum to spend some quiet time with many more of these Women’s Stories. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tiny glimpse of a wonderful art show.

Thanks for stopping by.

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