Finishing Grumpy

The hooking of Grumpy has been done for a few weeks now, and I spent a while deciding on how I would finish him. DSCN0443For rugs intended to hang on the wall, I often just turn the edges under . I like the ‘tapestry’ effect it creates. However, sometimes that doesn’t work and Grumpy is a case in point. The bottom of Grumpy is hooked vertically, while the upper background is hooked horizontally. I don’t think the blank edges would look good because of that. I don’t want a border, or a prominent whipped edge, so I’m doing a very small whipped edge with no binding tape on the back.

The first step was to dye yarn to go with the two different colours. Jean (who has much more experience in dyeing yarn than I) told me to allow 1 foot per inch then add some. (I would have just divided the skein in two and dyed it all (and wasted a lot of yarn in the process).  Not wanting to run short I added four extra yards  to each hank……

DSCN0428….secured it loosely so it wouldn’t turn into a rat’s nest in the pan….and spot dyed it with the same colours as the top and a second skein with  the greys for the bottom.

Into the electric frying pan it went….DSCN0430….and now it blends nicely with the background sky.DSCN0431I measured and drew a line 1.5″ from the edges of the hooking, and zigzagged around the rug just inside the line.DSCN0435I cut off the excess right along my pencil line……DSCN0437 (1)and clipped  the edge back(using my faithful red quilting clips….so much batter than pins) gently leaving just enough backing showing that it wouldn’t pull the end loops over. (this is what will determine how wide the whipping will be and I want mine as small as possible).

I whip from the front, but make sure that each stitch goes into the same line on the backing so that I have a nice straight edge on the back.DSCN0442It is hardly visible from the top….DSCN0448….but makes a nicely finished view on the side.DSCN0449When finished I will turn under the raw edge , steam it, and slip stitch it in place.  As you can imagine, this is a slow process, so I alternate between whipping and working on ‘Oil on Water’.

Here’s how it’s coming along.DSCN0446 (1)The hooking now covers about 42″ x  32″. It’s getting harder already for me to hang it up with clamps for viewing.

My ulterior motive in writing a blog this morning is to distract me from thinking about my schnauzer Baxter, who is undergoing surgery. Nothing serious, but three different procedures . He’s fourteen years old and a very special member of our family. Hopefully I’ll hear from the vet before long that it is over and all went well.

Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “Finishing Grumpy

  1. Amazing demo on the mini whip and you are correct, it does look much better from the side (which I had never considered before). Your finishing is as perfect as your hooking. The new piece is also looking incredible. Such a contrast from Grumpy.

    Fingers crossed for the pooch. Hope all went well today.

    • Thanks Wendie. Pooch came through everything just fine, although his mouth is pretty sore (you know about that with your recent dental woes). I think I was really looking for a ‘colour’ hit when I chose to hook “oil on Water’ after so long with the dulls and neutrals of Grumpy.

  2. Great views of ur mat,,,, thanks for that,,,, owl looks great,,, really great,,,, ur new mat wonderful,,,, enjoy ur blogs,,,, thanks,,,,

  3. I love your idea for the finished edges and the colour of yarn you have dyed. Looking fabulous as I your oil on water. Thank you for always taking us along with you on your hooking journeys. X

  4. So glad Baxter came through surgery fine. I recently adopted a miniature schnauzer and what a character!! She can go from 0 to 60 in a eye wink. Having had terriers almost all my adult life, Roxy is so like my Airedales, but at 11 lbs, so much easier to carry.

    Following your progress with Grumpy, I envisioned him framed with old barn wood but love what you did with him.


    • Hi Trisha, I too have had a mini, and our standard has much the same sort of personality. Very smart and full of joy and energy. Baxter is always eavesdropping on what we say , and always knows what’s going on. When he’s in the yard, there’s no point in saying ‘come’ (which he understands perfectly), you need to tell him why he must come eg. get your leash on for a walk, or time for ‘tea with dad’. etc.

      I’d never though of having Grumpy framed with barn board, but now that you mention it, I could certainly envision him finished that way.

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