OHCG Annual 2016 Featured Artists

I’ve just spent a wonderful weekend at the OHCG Annual. (Ontario Hooking Craft Guild). This year it was held at Deerhurst Lodge near Huntsville Ontario in the heart of beautiful Muskoka, about an hour north of where I live. The stimulation of seeing soooo many beautiful rugs was sometimes overwhelming. Every time I walked through the exhibition hall I saw rugs I’d missed before. I’ll do several posts on the events, and the first is about this year’s two featured artists, Diane Ayles and Shirley Lyons.

This stunning pictorial by Diane was one of my favourites in the whole show.  The way she captured the light on the leaves would catch your eye from across the room.

DSCN0501This water lily also demonstrates how she can capture the light  in nature and the serenity of a woodland pond.DSCN0502When I got home, I was dismayed to realize that these were the only two photos I had of her work, but they certainly demonstrate her amazing skill.

The other featured artist was Shirley Lyons, a long time, well known teacher in Ontario. Many of her  students are now teachers themselves and her skills with a hook are legendary in our area.

Few can match her realistic shaded flowers.DSCN0494…..her orientals….DSCN0492DSCN0491…pictorials…..DSCN0496DSCN0487DSCN0488DSCN0486DSCN0497…and other myriad styles….DSCN0490DSCN0495DSCN0485DSCN0500….and my personal favourite…these wonderful tessellated geese.DSCN0516 (1)It was wonderful to see and appreciate her body of work.

Each individual group had a display, as well as many vendors. I’ve much more to share in further posts.

Of course seeing the rugs and shopping for supplies is only one facet of such a gathering. What makes it so much fun are friends to talk and laugh with…..DSCN0481DSCN0474DSCN0480Business to attend to…..DSCN0482And of course the surroundings weren’t too shabby either….activity on the golf course….DSCN0466.jpg….sunset from the window in our room….DSCN0469

Is it any wonder I was smiling?DSCN0477Much more to follow.

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4 thoughts on “OHCG Annual 2016 Featured Artists

  1. Thanks for posting these beautiful rugs,,, I missed the show this year! Missed the people, rugs and inspiration, I get after being there,,, look forward to more,,, thanks,,,

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