Annual 2016 Post 3

As it’s name implies, traditional rug hooking was primarily for creating rugs. While that is still a large part of what we rug hookers create, more and more we see both works of art to be hung on walls or utilitarian objects for other uses being created.

Here are some of the non-floor items on display last weekend. I’ll begin with a few of the utilitarian items I saw.DSCN0591

DSCN0590These bags were made at a workshop given by Bea Grant. The hooking is done right into the wool fabric (as opposed to the more usual backing)DSCN0602.jpgThis one uses both pennies and appliqué.

There were many lovely pillows to be found, but these three stunning examples really caught my eye.DSCN0523DSCN0526 (1)DSCN0498…decorative items…..DSCN0586The pumpkin stems are real…DSCN0529a vase….created by hooking into a crocheted base…..DSCN0544…sculptured hooking….

DSCN0600….and even hooked slippers.

Many are created as works of art to be given place of pride on a wall.DSCN0518The polar bears are stuffed appliqué.DSCN0532DSCN0536.jpgDSCN0549DSCN0588DSCN0577.jpgDSCN0563.jpg

DSCN0547DSCN0574DSCN0534 (1)DSCN0548DSCN0545I must apologize to Kathy. I shouldn’t have used the flash, because this beautiful abstract actually shows only as deep purple/blues.DSCN0559DSCN0589The background of this piece is done in reverse hooking (literally hooked from the back) which allows the foreground to stand out with a 3D effect.

I’ll finish with two pieces that really had a personal impact on me.DSCN0593‘The simplicity and elegance of the design and the very restricted colour palette made this beautiful piece one I’ll long remember.

DSCN0576….and this  literally brought tears to my eyes. The title is “I Want To Go Back”.

I’ll finish up tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Annual 2016 Post 3

  1. Thank you for including the photo of my Polar Bear rug. I have a few clarifications for you: the polar bears are indeed appliquéd and stuffed. They are made from sculpted caribou hair. You start off with a piece of skin with fur still on and then trim the hair down with scissors until you get the shape you want. The tundra was reverse hooked because I wanted the trees to stand out. The trees have three or four layers of hooked chain stitches. Some of the rocks use tyvek which is a paper product which you paint and it shrivels up when heat is applied.
    I spent six weeks in Churchill Manitoba volunteering a
    t the Arctic Trading Company. I got a kick out of the trees which only have branches on one side due to the fierce wind coming off Hudson Bay. And the polar bears were a sight to behold.
    The Annual was fantastic. I saw your owl and he looked magnificent. I watched his evolution on your blog and he turned out to be very handsome indeed.

    • Isn’t that the truth Mary Lou. I’m sure I missed really ‘seeing’ tons of beautiful pieces. I think we are drawn to ‘notice’ different aspects quickly, and with the huge numbers, just can’t take it all in.

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