Annual 2016 Post 4

The vast number of amazing rugs on display at this year’s annual was truly a feast for the eyes. Here’s the last instalment of those I managed to photograph. DSCN0573DSCN0562DSCN0582DSCN0541I’m sorry this is out of focus. It is hooked entirely from ‘as is’ blankets cut by hand.DSCN0528DSCN0572DSCN0555DSCN0554DSCN0587DSCN0575DSCN0543DSCN0566I can almost feel the hot sun! The use of light is soooo effective.

DSCN0571DSCN0558DSCN0556DSCN0599DSCN0578DSCN0560DSCN0557DSCN0592DSCN0520DSCN0527DSCN0509DSCN0550DSCN0552DSCN0565….another reversed hooking background…DSCN0553… proddy flowers creating a 3D effectDSCN0539The skill and diversity  of the hooking artists of Ontario was certainly evident at this wonderful exhibition.

While I was off feasting my eyes and enjoying my weekend, Ray was home by himself, and having to sleep alone…….well not quite… spot in the bed was immediately taken over.DSCN0604Thanks for stopping by.



11 thoughts on “Annual 2016 Post 4

  1. Thank you so very much for all these photos of the annual!! Loved them,,, I did not get there this year,,,, see u at r.u.g.,,,,,

  2. Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing all these beautiful rugs Living in north Florida, I doubt I will ever be able to see this quality rugs. Were those “Fishing for Soles” a group challenge or the work of one chapter?

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful rugs. Living in Oregon, I doubt that I’d ever get to see it in person. Was in love with the “fishing for soles”, a fabulous idea for a challenge.

  4. Wow, I can hardly believe I was at the same Annual as you have photos of pieces here I did not see and I toured the show several times! What an amazing display and just shows the talent and imagination and artistic creativity of Canadian rug hookers. Thank you for sharing.

    • Isn’t that the truth Susan. While looking at the photos other people took, I was continually seeing rugs I’d never noticed too. I think one of the most amazing aspects is the diversity of the work. Rug hooking is certainly flourishing in Ontario.

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