Inspiration- Another Point of View

As ‘Oil on Water’ gets bigger and heavier (already the hooked part is 42″ x 32″) it is apparent that when I go out to hooking activities,  (or when I need a break from it) I’ll need something smaller to work on. At the annual, I picked up a package of “Ribbon Candy” from Fish Eye Sisters. It’s lengths of cotton batik precut into strips, and it’s beautiful.DSCN0613

I had no idea what I would hook with it, but the two little examples hooked by Jennifer Manuell (one of the two “fish eye sisters”) were delightful little landscapes. My first inclination was to follow suit and hook a landscape. To that end I had chosen a package with a wide variety of colours including blues, greens and browns.DSCN0612

I sorted  the strips according to colour and sat back waiting for it to speak to me. ….silence!  I realized I didn’t want to just hook a version of what Jen had created (and I could never hope to emulate it half as well). I stuffed it all back into the bag and carried on with my day.

For some reason, I later found myself looking at “Emma Sue”, my first hooked face, done at what I consider my ‘watershed’ workshop. It was the first time I realized that I had the potential to create something I was really pleased with and could create with wool much more than I had previously realized. (…and I am eternally grateful to Anne Boissinot for her expertise and encouragement at that event). I love the ‘painterly ‘aspect of hooking.DSCN0615

I’ve also been fascinated by the concept that it is value, not colour , that determines what we perceive. I’ve drooled over wonderful pieces which prove this concept but had never tried it myself…..until now. Last night I made the decision to try this with my ‘candy strips’. A tiny version about 6″ x 10″.DSCN0614 I began by sorting the strips again. This time according to value….light medium and dark  (and a few left overs which were bright) . I may be opening up myself to total failure, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Here goes…..

12 thoughts on “Inspiration- Another Point of View

  1. I bought some of the batik strips from the girls at r.u.g.,,, doing a s rappy mat with them, have done one before and sold it!! Love the more raggy rug look,,,, have triec flowers too, which are fun,,,, cant wait to see ur face!! Enjoy ur blogs,,,

  2. Elizabeth, by what you are doing, in the teaching and learning you do on line it will eventually give “light bulb moments” to many. Keep it up you are doing a good thing. Values work for me!

  3. I am intrigued to see what design you decide on. As a quilter I have a lot of batik fabricsI love them and would love to use them in a ruggerly way. The only mat I made with cotton fabric strips was locker hooked and it looks lovely. So good luck and I shall be watching closely.

  4. Think Anne of Green Gables, with an “e”, if it was Anne’s name you corrected. But then Ann Hallett is without an “e”/

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