Hook a Kaleidoscope

Although I wasn’t able to get to the Spring R.U.G. a couple of weeks ago, Melodie (the incoming president from Huronia Guild) visited our Sunshine group on Tuesday and brought some of the rugs from their programme on hooking a Kaleidoscope. Such  a great way to create a pattern!DSCN0627

I remember as a child the fun of twisting that little kaleidoscope gizmo and watching through one eye as the fantastic patterns changed and evolved . What a terrific idea to hook them.DSCN0618The possibilities are endless.DSCN0623They look complex and difficult to create, but no actually they’re not…..Melodie showed us how it was done…. A circle of tracing paper in the size desired  is folded in half, and then halved again and again to create a pie shape.DSCN0654

The pattern for this segment is drawn.DSCN0655….open the next segment and draw the mirror image of the firstDSCN0657….repeat all the way around…Tadah!! a kaleidoscope pattern.

It can remain as a circle, have the corners squared off or even used in the shape of the pattern.

DSCN0626….to make an elegant pillow…DSCN0648Another popular version was to make a mat using a grandchild’s name….DSCN0643 (1)At first glance all you see is a wonderful pattern, but on closer inspection…..DSCN0619…..the whole pattern is based on Zachery’s name.DSCN0622Olivia chose her own colours…DSCN0621

DSCN0639I saw Isabelle creating hers, and thought it was a super ‘greek key’ style pattern never realizing it was actually all based on her grandson Logan’s name. (she used a ‘corked’ edging….another clever trick I intend to remember)DSCN0620She’s busy now hooking another for …..DSCN0628…..Damon.

Emily’s rug includes a shiny gold chainstitch separating the sections…..

DSCN0659…..it’s squared off with her last name……DSCN0658…..has a fancy edging…..DSCN0660….a beautiful backingDSCN0661…..complete with a note from Grandma.DSCN0662Sarah is a lucky girl to have this personal keepsake compete with added bling, decorative buttons….DSCN0663….a beautiful corded edge…..DSCN0664an elegant backing, and a loving note. Grandma Wilson (aka Linda Wilson) certainly outdid herself with these beautiful keepsakes for her granddaughters.

A great big thank you to Melodie for bringing and demonstrating the rugs, I don’t feel so badly now for having missed R.U.G. (I’ll bet you liked seeing them too).

Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Hook a Kaleidoscope

  1. I was at r, u, g, and so enjoyed the presentation! But did not get pics! So thank you very much elizabeth,,,,, our group wants to do a workshop on these,, so these pics wil, really help!! Enjoy ur blogs,,,,

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