Going Backward to Go Forward

I use a lot of ‘gut instinct’ when I’m hooking. When something doesn’t ‘feel’ right….I spend time trying to figure out what’s wrong, and how best to fix it.

Sometimes it’s more than a one step process. I knew the direction and size of the flame motives at the bottom were wrong, so I took them out. After several days of pondering, I redrew one of them….DSCN0933.jpg….again I wasn’t pleased and decided to just use half of it.  Then I was faced with how to hook the base of the flame motive and have it work with what was already there.dscn0933….finally….this afternoon it came to me!!!

The problem is that I was hooking  from the middle out….and I should be working (or at least thinking) from the outside in. dscn0935This section is in the way and it’s pushing the flames out of alignment.  I need to hook all the ‘flames’ and then fit other details in later.

Immediately my ‘gut feeling’ told me AHA…that’s right. So although I’m about to take out a full day’s work, I’m really happy to have solved yet another little glitch in the creative process.dscn0934I now have a clear way forward for the bottom section….finally.

dscn0937Now that I’ve figured it out, it seems so obvious. What took me so long?

I ‘ve finally hooked two border rows around the outside. It’s nice to finally see the perimeter.

Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “Going Backward to Go Forward

      • What backing are you working on Elizabeth, your backing still looks good after you have pulled out stitches, is it a kind of Monks Cloth. I love the piece of work and have travelled the journey with you on it, can’t wait to see the finished piece now you have sorted the bottom. Jan.

      • Jan it is hooked on rug warp. That is my backing of preference (at the moment)..even weave, cotton, more body than monk’s cloth and doesn’t split, I can readily use every cut from 2 to 8, and it’s cheaper than linen.

  1. Oh yeah! Direction is perfect and needs the flame at that end too. Sometimes we don’t see the simplest things until we look long and hard enough. Sometimes the decision is made in the middle of the night…. that is where the term…. “sleep on it’ came from. All of a sudden everything is clear. Glad you are happy now.

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