Nope…I’m not unpacking my suitcase, but my rug. While some people have to fill in spaces when they have finished their hooking….I sometimes have to reduce the wool I’ve used. My tendency is to hook  too closely together. I try to be mindful of this as I hook, but over the large expanse of my big rug, even after steaming there was fixing to do.dscn1064-1I remove the strip that is too close….dscn1065….carefully cut it down a bit, and rehook it in the same space. I did that in a number of spots and it worked well and the rug lay flat.

However….the combination of my tendency to pack, and the wide expanse of echo hooking meant that when laid out on the big table…..it was no longer squared at the corners, or totally straight along the edges. It would need further adjustment.dscn1073I took  out some sections, and shortened many rows at the border. I ended up cutting some new strips in a 6 cut rather than cut them down by hand. dscn1082Ray helped me by setting up guides….with nails and mason’s cord.dscn1083When I had it as straight as possible,  he nailed the edges in place to hold it even. It was a lot of work, but yippee! The edges were now straight.

I needed to set it once again, and rather than steam it on the top side, I covered it with wet towels and left it overnight. (I’ve no idea whether that is condoned or not)dscn1085This morning I removed the towels and it is now drying in place. I still haven’t decided if I will give it a light steam or not before I remove the nails holding it in place.


Next step will be to zigzag the edge and dye the yarn for whipping.

The Brier begins tomorrow, so I’d love to be able to watch those amazing Canadian men’s curling teams while I whip the edge of the rug….my idea of a great way to spend a week.

Thanks for stopping by.

8 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. Amazing work! As always. I miss curling, when we lived in Florida we got the CBC and enjoyed watching curling. We have tried everything to get curling here but no can do. Oh well, enjoy your weekend!

    • Sorry you won’t be able to watch it Susan. It is a wonderful game of such skill, and little understood by many. Great excitement in Nfld. where Brad Gushue is at home and is a top contender.

  2. Do you find you pack more depending on your foundation material. I pack so tight using monks cloth that I now only use linen. That is a beautiful rug!

    • I hadn’t thought about backing being an issue Glenda, although I never use monk’s cloth because it stretches so much and some of it splits as well. I usually use rug warp, since it is stable, quite a bit cheaper than linen, and easily takes every cut from 2 to 8. I think the size of the rug, and the echo background were the main culprits here, as well as the fact that by using a large variety of wools in the background, the density of the strips varied, making it impossible to have a uniform distance that the rows and loops needed to be apart. (how’s that for a run-on sentence!)

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