I had dabbled at rug hooking several times over the years, but it wasn’t until I retired from teaching , that it became a passion. I started recording my rug hooking journey  when my son phoned me one day and announced that he had set up a blog for me. I’ve learned so much just by recording my trials and tribulations as well as my successes. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my life as a hooker too.

I live in a small town in central Ontario, Canada with my husband, two siamese cats, and a standard schnauzer. (and have three grown sons and four grandchildren)

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  1. I’ve just started following your blog. I’m a community college English teacher, 58, with one daughter and one granddaughter. Like you, I’ve made various forays into rug hooking. I’m in the midst of one now. Husband of 36 years accompanied me to Green Mountain Rug School earlier this month. I took the Van Gogh rug class with Janet Conner of Hiram, Maine. Thanks for the sequence of your creative process. I also especially loved the barns display. Coming from Iowa (a state famous for it barns) in the central U.S. — or Midwest, as we like to say — I was thrilled to see the variety of barns from across Canada. I’ve driven from west of Winnipeg to Banff, Vancouver and Victoria B.C. in 2002, and remember the barns I saw. In July, I will be driving from Portland, Maine through New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. Kaffe Fassett is speaking at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s shop in Amherst, on July 18 — and I’m so excited to be going. On the trip to the Green Mountain Rug School, I drove through Ontario. Had a wonderful lunch in Bruce Mines, passed through Sudbury, stayed over in Pembroke before heading onward and into Vermont from the north.

  2. Enjoyed your piece on Ann Hallett. She is my husband Lloyd’s aunt and is a wonderful, kind, talented lady. Thank you for featuring her.

  3. My husband’s mom Isabel (sister to Ann Hallett) passed away earlier this week. She was an avid rug hooker for many years and before she passed she had hooked a Celtic Initial Rug for each of our boys. We received the rugs last week . They were completely hooked but not finished. As I don’t know the first thing about rug hooking (I am an avid cross stitcher), any suggestions on how to finish these rugs would be greatly appreciated. I think they were meant as either a wall hanging or a cushion cover.

  4. You show in the barn display a rug called “Bossie’s Barn” featuring Cantic Quebec which is my old country place. We believe a neighbour might have hooked the rug and were wondering if you could tell us who the rug hooker was. Thank you very much so many of these rugs are beautiful.

  5. My previous comment sounded a lot like spam! The favour is in regards to a rug by Jen Manuell of Fisheye Sisters. Thanks!

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