Venturing into Punch Needle

What a week! I attended not just one, but TWO workshops…… one learning punch needle, the second investigating embellishments for our hooking. Both were given by Sandra Marshall  and  each was a wonderful learning experience. If you have a chance to attend either or both…..jump at it!

The  punch needle class was one day long, and since we were all hookers, the transition was quite simple.

Here is just one example of Sandra’s punch needle work.


Advantages:  it’s quicker than traditional hooking, you can use balls of yarn with no need to deal with smaller strips and ends (although normal wool strips can be used). The needle determines the depth of the loops, so once the technique is mastered, all the loops will be a consistent height.

Disadvantages: You work from the back so your work is always up-side-down. Your pattern will be a mirror image of your completed work (makes lettering tricky) and you can’t see your finished product as you are working on it.

For a “colourholic” like me, the array of fabulous wool brought by Sandra was spine tingling.

I chose my pattern, and wool (made some changes and added some of my own wool as well after this photo was taken) then Sandra suggested the size of punch needle that would be best for my wool.DSCN0114

A lesson on technique, and before long we were all busily at work.


Some people chose one of Sandra’s pre-drawn patterns, some used her templates to draw one of their their own, and some brought patterns from home. DSCN0123DSCN0129DSCN0125DSCN0131DSCN0132DSCN0130

Everyone was having a good time.DSCN0111DSCN0115DSCN0116DSCN0113Seeing Sandra’s work was a wonderful inspiration.DSCN0119DSCN0105DSCN0106DSCN0103DSCN0104DSCN0121The next two used wool strips rather than wool yarn. DSCN0117DSCN0118A super day…..great learning, fun working, good friends , and yummy food (thanks to Brenda).

I did take photos of my efforts, but my wonderful new camera has turned out not to be so wonderful after all!  It is on its way back to the manufacturer after refusing to upload any more photos to my computer. Hopefully it will be back soon and I can continue with a blog about embellishments.

Thanks for stopping by.