My Hall Rugs…Then Back to the Beginning Part one ..the pattern

I’m very excited that Mathieu has set up this blog for me, and I’ve decided to use it initially, as a record of my journey into the art of rughooking. I’ll begin with the point I’m at now (mostly because I don’t have pictures available yet of my earlier rugs), then go back to my checkered past.


I’ve been at this project a year and a half, although I’ve put it aside for large chunks of time.  It consists of 2 rugs. A 10 foot hall runner and a large rectangular one. I’m hooking this one to go in the front hall in front of the doors. It is 44″ x 75″ and is loosely adapted from a Pearl McGowan pattern named Queen Anne. Getting the pattern onto the primative linen was an adventure in itself, and I would never have been able to do it without the help of my talented DH.  I found the pattern as an untitled rough sketch on graph paper in a book I had borrowed from the Sunshine rughookers. I photocopied it, then cut and pasted various aspects of this to create a graph one square= 3″ that was the final size I wanted.  Ray used a 5′ x 8′ sheet of ‘tintest’ and marked it out with a 3″ square grid. (the tintest is grest…firm, but porous enough to take and hold the pins easily) He set it up on the dining room table and I went to work!

I used red dot and pinned it carefully to the tintest, using the grid and keeping it square.I drew the pattern using pencil and referencing my graph sketch. Then I pinned the linen to the tintest, making very sure it was square as well ( I literally counted the ditches, and pinned in the same ditch top to bottom and side to side) and pinned the red dot pattern over top. Then the hard work started. I ended up buying a whole box of black sharpies, because getting the ink to mark through the red dot onto the linen was a tough job. Of course by the time I got to the end, I realized that the easiest way was to go with the rather faint line, and free hand over it after removing the red dot. I would have saved myself A LOT of time if I had figured that out from the start. I know lots of people sew a zig zag around the rough edge, but since I am allergic to my sewing machine (I break out in a sweat whenever I’m faced with using it) I just use green painter’s tape on the edge..fold it over and it stays on beautifully. I’ll go through how I chose my colour palette next time.